Faculty Members

Yalçın Akçay (web) Operations Management
Research Areas: Manufacturing and Inventory Systems, Supply Chain Management, Stochastic Modeling, Simulation, General Multidimensional Knapsack Problems
Teaching Areas: Business Forecasting, Management Decision Theory, Operations Management
E-mail: yakcay (at) ku.edu.tr
Deniz Aksen (web) Management Information Systems
Research Areas: Applications of the Vehicle Routing Problem, Distribution and Collection Logistics, Network Interdiction Models, Heuristic Optimization
Teaching Areas: Management Information Systems, Electronic Commerce Infrastructure and Management, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, On-Demand CRM
E-mail: daksen (at) ku.edu.tr
Zeynep Akşin (web) Operations Management
Research Areas: Service Operations Management, Service Delivery Design, Call Center Design and Management, Outsourcing/Shared Services, Performance Evaluation and Design of Stochastic Networks
Teaching Areas: Operations Management, Service Operations, Management, Supply Chain Management
E-mail: zaksin (at) ku.edu.tr
Özden Gür Ali (web) Operations Management and Management Information Systems
Research Areas: Pharmaceutical marketing mix including payer and pharmacy incentives in the US and Turkish systems; data mining in retail, in particular SKU demand forecasting in the presence of promotions, and mining geographic information systems
Teaching Areas:  Introduction to Management Science, Forecasting and Estimation, Project Management, Quality Management

E-mail: oali (at) ku.edu.tr

Yaman Arkun (web) Chemical and Biological Engineering
Research Areas: Monitoring and Control of Industrial Processes, Dynamics and Control of Biological Systems, Modeling and Nonlinear Dynamics,  Design and  Optimization, Computer Aided Systems Engineering
E-mail: yarkun (at) ku.edu.tr
Mine Çağlar (web) Mathematics
Research Areas: Data Traffic and Stochastic Flows
Teaching Areas: Statistics, Probability Theory, Stochastic Systems, Finite Mathematics and Numerical Methods
E-mail: mcaglar (at) ku.edu.tr
Evrim Güneş (web) Operations Management
Research Areas: Service systems modeling with applications in call centers and health care services, Incentive Problems in Service Systems
Teaching Areas: Operations Management, New Product Development, Service Operations Management
E-mail: egunes (at) ku.edu.tr
Selçuk Karabatı (web) Operations Management
Research Areas: Inventory Management in Supply Chains, Resource Allocation, Design and Operational Problems in flow lines, Machine Scheduling
Teaching Areas: Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Design, Planning and Control of Operations
E-mail: skarabati (at) ku.edu.tr
Fikri Karaesmen (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Design and Analysis of Supply Chains and Service Systems using Stochastic Models
Teaching Areas: Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis, Probability and Statistics for Engineers, Production Planning and Control
E-mail: fkaraesmen (at) ku.edu.tr
Onur Kaya (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Production and Inventory Systems, Supply Chain Management, Stochastic Models, Dynamic Programming and Queueing Systems, Scheduling
Teaching Areas: Mathematical Modeling, Design and Analysis of Supply Chains, Production Planning and Control , Engineering Economics
E-mail: okaya (at) ku.edu.tr
Ceyda Oğuz (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Design of Algorithms and Metaheuristics; Logistics: container terminal management, multimodal transportation; Mathematical Programming; Scheduling in production and computer systems
Teaching Areas: Heuristic Methods, Logistics, Production Planning and Control, Project Management, Scheduling
E-mail: coguz (at) ku.edu.tr
Lerzan Örmeci (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Applied Probability, Stochastic Processes, Stochastic Optimization, Application of Markov decision processes on queueing/loss systems such as call centers, Analysis of Telecommunication Systems, Revenue Management and Pricing
Teaching Areas: Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Service Operations Analysis
E-mail: lormeci (at) ku.edu.tr
Süleyman Özekici (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Stochastic Models and Processes, Financial Engineering, Reliability and Maintenance, Inventory Management, Portfolio Optimization
Teaching Areas: Stochastic Models in Operations Research, Stochastic Processes, Financial Engineering, Statistics, Simulation
E-mail: sozekici (at) ku.edu.tr
Sibel Salman (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Network Models and Optimization in telecommunication and logistics, Disaster management and Approximation Algorithms
Teaching Areas: Production Planning and Control, Information Systems, Network Models and Optimization
E-mail: ssalman (at) ku.edu.tr
Serpil Sayın (web) Operations Management & Management Information Systems
Research Areas: Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Mathematical Programming, Global Optimization, Decision Support Systems
Teaching Areas: Decision Analysis, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Data Mining
E-mail: ssayin (at) ku.edu.tr
Barış Tan (web) Operations Management
Research Areas: Stochastic Modeling of Operations, Performance Evaluation and Control of manufacturing systems, Analytical and Numerical Modeling Techniques, Optimization Under Uncertainty, Supply Chain Management and Applications in textile-apparel-retail channel
Teaching Areas: Operations Management, Design, Planning and Control of Operations, Management Science and Service Operations Management
E-mail: btan (at) ku.edu.tr
Metin Türkay (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Development of models and algorithms for mathematical programming problems, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Bioinformatics
Teaching Areas: Optimization Models and Mathematical Programming, Mathematical Programming, Optimization Models and Algorithms, Logistics and Supply Chain Systems
E-mail: mturkay (at) ku.edu.tr
Ömer Yedekçioğlu Management Information Systems
Research Areas: Computer Graphics, Pattern Recognition, Document Imaging, Multimedia, Protocol Conversions, Financial Information Systems, Information Society
Teaching Areas: Management Information Systems, Database Management, Software Development
E-mail: oyedekcioglu (at) ku.edu.tr
Emre Alper Yıldırım (web) Industrial Engineering
Research Areas: Mathematical Optimization, Continuous Optimization, Convex Optimization,Large-Scale Optimization, Interior-Point Methods, Semidefinite Programming, Design, Analysis, and Implementation of Algorithms
Teaching Areas: Optimization and Modeling, Algorithms, Logistics Management,Mathematics of Operations Research, Convex and Nonlinear Optimization, Discrete Mathematics
E-mail: alperyildirim (at) ku.edu.tr