Operations Research Center for Industrial and Business Systems

Seminar Series 2010-11

09.06.2011     Mahmut Parlar
McMaster University
02.06.2011 Refik Soyer
George Washington University
13.05.2011 Hasan Çavuşoğlu
University of British Columbia
Reducing Demand Uncertainty in a Supply Chain: Postponement and Information Sharing Strategies
06.05.2011 Semra Ağralı
Bahçeşehir University
Employee Scheduling in Service Industries with Flexible Employee Availability and Demand
02.05.2011 Eduardo Schwartz
Cash Flow Multipliers and Optimal Investment Decisions
22.04.2011 Güneş Erdoğan
Özyeğin University
Traveling Salesman Problem with Pickups, Deliveries and Handling Costs (TSPPD-H)
15.04.2011 Hande Yaman
Bilkent University
The Robust Network Loading Problem Under Polyhedral Demand Uncertainty
25.03.2011 Sezer Ülkü
Georgetown University
The Role of Product Modularity in Green Product Design
18.02.2011 Stefan Nickel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Location Problems in Supply Chain Management
24.12.2010 Oğuzhan Alagöz
University of Wisconsin-Madison
A POMDP Approach to Personalize Mammography Screening Decisions
10.12.2010 Orhan Feyzioğlu
Galatasaray University
Modeling Sustainable Traffic Assignment Policies
03.12.2010 Laurence Wolsey
Universite Catholique de Louvain
Simple MIPs and Lot-Sizing: New Results and Recent Favourites
26.11.2010 Burcu Balçık
Kadir Has University
Sequential Resource Allocation with Multiple Vehicles
08.10.2010 Barbaros Tansel
Bilkent University
A New Modeling Perspective for the P-Median Problem: Shortest Path Trees and Multi-Commodity Flows

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